RIB Tour for 3+ Hours

The cider safari starts in Eidfjord harbour after dressing up, and a short safety brief. Then the
trip will go to Osafjorden, and later to Ulvikfjorden. We have some stops underway, without
leaving the boat, where the local captain guides an tell traditional stories. You may want to
have photo devices easily available for animals, birds and beautiful seascapes.

After Osafjorden we proceed to Ulvik harbour where we make a stop on land, and visit Ulvik
Frukt & Cideri. This fruit- and cider farm is open for visits, tasting and sale of products, and
we will meet the owner that will give us insight in the making of Hardanger Cider.
At the cider farm we also collaborate with the local hotel which provides tastes of local
traditional food as well. Hopefully the 3hrs you spend with us will give you insight in our life
and treasures in Hardanger. You meet only locals, taste only local products and are told only
local and traditional stories.

This tour will be available only during the period 14.06-15.08. We need a minimum of 10
persons before we make the tour, and the price is 1595NOK per adult and 995NOK per
person 14yrs and younger. If the weather is so bad that we cannot use our boats, we will
hire a small buss to bring you back and forth to Ulvik.

All passengers must be over 100cm, every passenger under 14 years must be together with
an adult. No stilettos/high heels. Every guest will be suited with thermal floating gear
according to regulations.

PDF Facts

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  1. Eidfjord
  2. Bruravik
  3. Osafjorden
  4. Ulvikfjorden
  5. Ulvik