RIB Tour for 30 min

This tour is reserved for groups of 14-24 persons.
When the boat stops at the bottom of the Simadalsfjord, wefind ourselves at one of Norway's largest power plants, where production takes place inside the mountains. We want to tell a little about the power station, and put it in conjunction with other sights you may see from bus or car also, such as Vøringsfossen, Hardangerjøkulen and Sysendammen. The Simadalsfjord is visually beautiful, with its steep mountainsides and several small waterfalls.

When we later place ourselves in the middle of the Eidfjord, I will see the Eidfjord community, Fjordgardane Kjeåsen and Skår, Hardangerbrua and Hardangerjøkulen. There we will tell you something about what forms the nature, people and society you see. One trip with us can certainly affect what you want to see and do after you get back on land

All passengers must be over 100cm, every passenger under 14 years must be together with an adult. No stilettos/high heels.


  1. Eidfjord