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The tour starts in Eidfjord Harbor after dressing up, and a short safety review. We will have stops underway, without leaving the boat, where the boat driver will tell you about what you see. You may want to have photo devices easily available. One stop will be in Hotle where goats come down to the boat, at another stop it is often seals to see in the sea or on land. There is a rich birdlife in the Eidfjord of especially seabirds, but this also varies a bit with the seasons.

When the boat stops at the bottom of the Simadalsfjord, we find ourselves at one of Norway's largest power plants, where the production goes on inside the mountains.We want to tell a little about the power station, and put it in conjunction with other sights that I do not reach by boat, such as Vøringsfossen, Hardangerjøkulen and Sysendammen. The Simadalsfjord is visually beautiful, with its steep mountainsides and several small waterfalls.

When we later place ourselves in the middle of the Eidfjord, we will see the Eidfjord community, Fjordgardane Kjeåsen and Skår, Hardangerbrua and Hardangerjøkulen. There will be a bit about what has shaped nature, people and society. One trip with us can surely affect what you want to see and do after you get back on land.

One alternative to the power station in Simadalsfjorden is to drive out to Hardangerbrua to study it from the sea. Here is a good story about building process and dimensions. By the way you pass a waterfall that almost falls on the boat on a rainy day, and other sights of cultural-historical significance.

It is not enough time for Simadalsfjorden and Hardangerbrua on the same trip, so passengers or windsituation influences this


All passengers must be over 100cm, every passenger under 14 years must be together with an adult. No stilettos/high heels.

From NOK 730

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