RIB Tour & Safari - Experience Norway the right way

If you want to experience Norwegian nature at its finest, we highly recommend that you come along on one of our guided RIB tours. At Hardanger Fjordsafari, we offer three different types of RIB safaris, and you can choose according to your wishes.


Join our authentic Cider Safari

Our longest RIB tour goes by the name of Cider Safari and lasts around 3 hours and starts in breathtaking Eidfjord. During the RIB safari we will be taking several stops without leaving the boat, where the captain will give interesting insight on the rich history and tradition of the various places.

We will also stop by Ulvik Frukt & Cideri, where you will be able to taste the fresh cider as well as meet the owner of the farm. Here you can also taste delicious, traditional food.

If you are in the mood for a shorter, yet still beautiful trip, we recommend joining our 60 minutes RIB tour. On this tour, we will, among other things, visit one of Norways largest power plants in Simadalsfjorden, that goes far into the mountain.

We also offer a 30 minute RIB safari for those who would like to experience a lot in a short amount of time. On this RIB tour we will also take you to the power plant, as well as other beautiful landscapes and fjords.

Bring your family along on an unforgettable RIB safari

If you struggle to plan a family trip that everyone is happy with you are for sure not alone. For it to be a good family trip for everyone, you preferably want to be able to enjoy some activities together. The youngest of the flock may have very different interests than the oldest. A RIB tour is therefore the perfect choice for the whole family. The ones who enjoy sightseeing and looking at beautiful nature will experience views that seem almost unreal. The ones who enjoy a great food experience will taste the freshness and high quality of our local food. The ones who enjoy seeing exotic animals will experience this on our RIB safari. And the ones who enjoy a bit of action will also experience this while joining our RIB tour.

In other words, this RIB tour will hit right in the sweet spot for all members of the family.