Experience breathtaking Eidfjord – Sightseeing on your own

Often when you see pictures of tourist attractions, you might get disappointed when you actually go and visit the place. Eidfjord is quite on the contrary. It is a place that you have to experience on your own, as every person that comes to visit is stunned by the breathtaking view, fresh air, and delicious food.

Try our RIB tours and come close to the magic

Take a trip to Eidfjord for some sightseeing and experience the magic yourself. Hardanger Fjord safari offers three different RIB tours, where you can go sightseeing from the best views possible. You will come close to breathtaking waterfalls, rugged cliffs and of course the gorgeous water.

While sightseeing with us, you will also be given the possibility to visit an authentic cider farm, where you can taste the fresh and delicious cider for yourself. Here you will also be able to eat local, traditional and delicious food. Eidfjord is definitely the place to go sightseeing if you want to have a taste of Norway at its best.

RIB trip 3+ hours – wonderful sightseeing

This RIB trip is considered a cider safari that starts in Eidfjord and takes you on an exciting sightseeing with fantastic stories. We visit Ulvik Frukt & Cideri. This fruit and cider farm is open for visits, tastes and sales of products. Hopefully the 3 hours you spend with us will give you insight into our lives and treasures in Hardanger. On this tour you will meet local flavors and local products in combination with traditional stories.

RIB trip 30 minutes

This sightseeing is reserved for groups of 18-24 people for whom we run two trips in one hour. When the boat stops in the innermost part of the Simadalsfjord, we are at one of Norway's largest power plant in the mountains. We will tell about the power station, and put it in connection with other sights that we do not reach with the boat, such as Vøringsfossen, Hardangerjøkulen and Sysendammen. Simadalsfjorden is visually beautiful, with its steep mountain sides and several small waterfalls.

RIB trip 60 minutes

The trip starts in Eidfjord Harbor after dressing, and a short safety review. A stop will be in Hotle where there are goats out that come down to the boat. At the next stop there is often copper to be seen in the sea or on land. When the boat stops in the innermost part of the Simadalsfjord, we are at one of Norway's largest power plants in the mountains. When we later place ourselves in the middle of the Eidfjord, we will be able to see the Eidfjord community, the mountain farms Kjeåsen and Skår, Hardangerbrua and Hardangerjøkulen. Here you get lots of information about what has shaped nature, people and the society we see. A trip with us can certainly affect what you want to see and do after you return ashore.

Sightseeing for the whole family

Sightseeing is often an activity that is most enjoyable for the older members of the family. Often the youngest members can become restless of solely observing and therefore need to engage in some sort of activity, and this in turn can become tiring for the adults who wish to enjoy the experience. While sightseeing with us on our RIB tours, this will not be a problem. The interactive experience of sightseeing on a RIB boat is as amusing to children as it is to adults. The speed of the boat as well as stumbling upon exotic animals is an eye opener for most children, while the gorgeous views and the wonderful food experience hits right in the sweet spot for most adults. It truly is a win-win situation, and this sightseeing experience will without hesitation be an unforgettable memory for the whole family, no matter the age.

If you have any questions regarding sightseeing in Eidfjord, please do not hesitate to ask. We are more than happy to assist you on your needs.