Experience breathtaking Eidfjord – Sightseeing on your own

Often when you see pictures of tourist attractions, you might get disappointed when you actually go and visit the place. Eidfjord is quite on the contrary. It is a place that you have to experience on your own, as every person that comes to visit is stunned by the breathtaking view, fresh air, and delicious food.



Try our RIB tours and come close to the magic

Take a trip to Eidfjord for some sightseeing and experience the magic yourself. Hardanger Fjord safari offers three different RIB tours, where you can go sightseeing from the best views possible. You will come close to breathtaking waterfalls, rugged cliffs and of course the gorgeous water.

While sightseeing with us, you will also be given the possibility to visit an authentic cider farm, where you can taste the fresh and delicious cider for yourself. Here you will also be able to eat local, traditional and delicious food. Eidfjord is definitely the place to go sightseeing if you want to have a taste of Norway at its best.

If you have any questions regarding sightseeing in Eidfjord, please do not hesitate to ask. We are more than happy to assist you on your needs.